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schemes of work online

How to download updated schemes of work online in less than 5 minutes.

With the ever evolving technology and current move to integrate ICT in education, Many software developers are pulling there energy towards education sector to cover the rising demand for utility software. Among them is schemes of work online generator which enables generation and download of schemes of work.

As a teacher, one of the tasking jobs is getting schemes of work ready time for the term. Well, scheme of work online has come to your rescue. Now you can generate professional schemes of work that meets all the required aspects in less than 5 minutes!! You can do this for any class, from primary to highschool. Besides generation, the online generator allows full customization every detail giving you full control. This ensures that users gets schemes that suits there needs within the shortest time possible.

schemes of work online
scheme of work online

How to create schemes of work online.

To create your schemes of work,

  • visit schemes of work generator using this link (here).
  • Create an account by filling the required details
  • Login to your account
  • Select create scheme of work
  • Fill the required fields (school, level, class, term, class, subject)
  • Select the topics be covered in the term.
  • Input the number of lessons to teach per week.
  • Select the first and the last week of teaching and the lessons respectictively.
  • Input the double lesson (if there is)
  • Input the breaks
  • Finally generate and customize your schemes of work

Now you can adjust the schemes according to your needs and download.

Generated schemes of work meets all the proffesional requirements and saves time, giving teachers more time to be productive.

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