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make money online

1. Make money online

Having an extra income besides your regular income is probably everyone’s dream. Given that most people nowdays most people spend upto 30% of a day online. To make money online is one of best ideas to have in mind. There are many ways of how to make money online which include betting, article writing, forex trading, transcription among others.

make money online with pakakumi

Pakakumi original burst game is an online platform that allows users to multiply stakes on autoburst. Users multiply there stake and cashout before an autoburst is hit.

pakakumi dashboard
Pakakumi dashboard

This means that if for instance you place kshs 20/= as your bet and you cashout at x10.00 before an autoburst happens, you would have won 20Kshs x 10 which is 200kshs which you can withdraw directly to your M-pesa or use part of it as a stake.

The multiplyer runs upto x1000

One good thing about pakakumi as a betting site is that its deposit/withdrawals are instant.

How to join pakakumi

In order to join;

  • Visit pakakumi using this link (here) to get a 100% karibu bonus
  • Register with your phone number and choose your user name
  • Create a strong password that you will remember
  • Login to your account
  • Take your time to get oriented to the trend
  • When you are ready, you can now make a deposit through m-pesa
  • You are now ready to make your first bet.
  • good luck to make money online

How to win more with pakakumi

To be precise, in all betting games there will never be a sure winning tip. However, some few tips can be helpfull. For instance, in pakakumi you need to;

  • 1. Learn to manage your stake
  • 2. Learn to Manage anxiety
  • 3. Re-create your stake
  • 4. Study the game

1. Managing your stake

The most important thing in every betting game is stake management. You need to ensure that you wouldn’t be deeping into your pocket everytime you need a stake. You should make sure that whenever you are making a withdrawal there’s always something left for your next stake.

2. Managing anxiety in the game

To win better with burst game, you need to be able to manage your anxiety. There will always be a temptation to greed which drives you to want more and more and eventually leads to loosing more. Therefore one needs to be decisive on when to cashout and when to be satisfied with the days winnings.

3. Re-creating your stake

This is definitely the best thing to do every betting site. How do you re-create your stake? What is stake recreation?

When joining any betting site you will be required to make you first deposit to use a stake. So how do you re-create. Re-creation of stake simply means ensuring that whatever you had used as initial deposit has been returned to you including transaction fees. So you need to ensure that you first thing to do is to withdraw your deposit amount upon winning. This will mean that whatever you will be playing with didn’t come from your pocket. By doing so, you will have more winning confidence and reduce anxiety increasing your chances of winning more.

4. And finally, study the game.

Every venture needs some basic understanding. So before you start betting on pakakumi. You need to spend some time to study the trend of the game in order for you to be able to predict the possible next move. #make money online

Disclaimer: betting is addictive, betting is not an investment. Only use spare cash to avoid lossing your capital.

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